Beranda News Game “Pulang : Insanity” Hadir di Steam Online

Game “Pulang : Insanity” Hadir di Steam Online


OZYSOFT menlaunching Game berjudul Pulang : Insanity melalui Platform STEAM pada tanggal 13 – 03 – 2020.

game ini sudah banyak direview oleh para youtuber terkenal dan kamu bisa lihat hasil review keren disini :


A game with no jumpscares and overly loud audios. We want to make a horror game with a hideous atmosphere, to make a dreadful ambiance even when there is no enemy at the level.

  • A Dynamic Psychological Terror
  • Old School Inventory System
  • Wide Variety of location and area
  • A unique storyline inspired by horrific facts found in Indonesia
  • The world of Pulang: Insanity is built based on authentic Indonesian environment
  • Enjoy explanations to increase your knowledge about dark culture in Indonesia
  • You will directly face the most terrifying creatures which are ready to bring your worst nightmares

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